Amalgam Removal in Rosenberg, TX

Concerned about the safety and appearance of your silver fillings? Rosenberg Dental and Implant Center has the perfect solution for you. We offer safe amalgam removal and tooth-colored filling replacements, addressing both health and cosmetic concerns. While silver fillings were once popular for their strength, the presence of mercury raised doubts among patients. We prioritize your well-being and take every precaution during the removal process. Once the silver fillings are removed, we replace them with tooth-colored alternatives, ensuring a natural and attractive smile. Say goodbye to mercury worries and hello to a confident, beautiful smile. Take the first step towards a healthier smile by contacting our office today to schedule an appointment for amalgam removal in Rosenberg, TX.

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    Amalgam Removal

    Drawbacks of Amalgam Fillings

    Amalgam fillings are definitely among the durable dental restorations that are easy on the pocket as well. However, they have certain disadvantages due to which dentists have lowered their use and prefer tooth-colored fillings instead. Our amalgam removal dentist in Rosenberg does not recommend the use of such fillings for the following reasons.

    Tooth discoloration
    Amalgam fillings progressively get darker over time. As the enamel is translucent, the dark shade of amalgam reflects on the outer surface, affecting the overall look of your smile. This is why dentists only choose amalgam fillings for posterior teeth.

    Tooth sensitivity
    Amalgam fillings contain different metals that conduct heat. Upon consuming something extremely hot or cold, you may feel heightened sensitivity in your teeth with amalgam fillings.

    Risk of corrosion
    The metals in amalgam fillings may corrode over the years, risking the health of your teeth. Amalgam fillings also contract and expand under different temperatures, which may affect the tooth structure.

    Amalgam fillings require mechanical retention to stay within the tooth cavity. Due to this, they may fall off if the cavity is very small. This also needs special tooth preparation, which involves extra grinding that may weaken the tooth structure.

    Amalgam fillings are the only ones that cause teeth staining. These stains cannot be removed by brushing and require professional help.

    If you have older amalgam restorations and find yourself in any of these situations, we highly recommend considering the procedure for removing silver fillings at our dental practice in Rosenberg, TX. We will replace these silver fillings with tooth-colored restorations for a more natural appearance.

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    Replacement of Amalgam Restorations

    Our dental practice in Rosenberg, TX implements stringent safety measures to ensure the secure and proper removal of amalgam. After removing amalgam from your tooth cavity, we will consider the best replacement option based on the cavity’s size, the tooth’s position, and cosmetic factors. Our high-quality tooth-colored restorations include:

    • Composite resin: It is a tooth-colored material that fuses with your teeth through chemical bonding. Composite restorations are ideal for filling small dental cavities or correcting aesthetic flaws.
    • Ceramic fillings: These customized fillings are made of porcelain. They are available in the form of inlays or onlays and are prepared in a dental lab. Porcelain fillings resemble natural teeth and enhance your smile’s appearance.
    • Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC): Typically, GIC fillings are not used as a replacement for amalgam restorations because they are not as durable. However, they may benefit some cases that involve root caries.


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    Preserve Your Oral Health with Safe Amalgam Removal in Rosenberg, TX

    Amalgam contains mercury which can be a threat to your oral and general health. Our dentist performs amalgam removal in Rosenberg, TX, following a proper safety protocol to ensure it does not cause additional health risks. Call us today to book an appointment and learn more!

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