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Do you wish to have perfectly straight teeth but hesitate to go through years of orthodontic treatment? Rosenberg dentist, Dr. Samuel Collins and our team at Rosenberg Dental and Implant Center have just the solution for you. FASTBRACES at our Rosenberg, TX, dental office can realign your teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile in as little as three to 12 months!

FASTBRACES are a convenient and affordable solution to get better results in a short time. To learn more about FASTBRACES in Rosenberg, TX, contact us at (281) 369-9242 to book an appointment today.


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    Fast Braces

    What Are FASTBRACES & How Do They Work? 

    FASTBRACES also known as accelerated braces, are an innovative technology in the field of orthodontics. Its basic principle is similar to traditional braces – drag and reposition the teeth into a perfect occlusion. However, FASTBRACES in Rosenberg, TX, has a much more simplified system.

    FASTBRACES feature triangular brackets that allow greater room for the movement of the teeth. Additionally, these triangular brackets are attached to a square-like wire that extends toward the root of your teeth. This wire helps move the teeth and their roots simultaneously, producing faster results than traditional braces.

    Furthermore, FASTBRACES accommodate the eruption of permanent teeth while promoting healthy bone remodeling during the treatment period. This technology reduces the requirement for tooth extraction, making it a more acceptable treatment option, for both teens and adults.

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    FASTBRACES vs Traditional Braces

    Traditional braces have been a trusted method for correcting orthodontic issues over many years, offering effective results. However, the drawback lies in their extended treatment time, typically spanning one and a half to two years, or even longer, to achieve the desired outcome.

    In contrast, FASTBRACES offers a remarkable alternative that significantly shortens the journey to a straighter smile. Unlike conventional braces, which first focus on crown movement for about a year and then address root movement for about half the time thereafter, our ceramic accelerated braces ingeniously combine these processes for expedited results.

    FASTBRACES stand out not only for their efficiency but also for their innovative design. While traditional braces feature square brackets connected by a single wire, our accelerated braces employ triangular brackets that connect with a square-like wire. 

    This unique wire extends down to the root area, enabling the simultaneous adjustment of both the crown and root of the teeth. This breakthrough in design ensures FASTBRACES reposition your teeth in a remarkably shorter time frame, eliminating the need to wait for several years to attain the desired outcome.

    Benefits of FASTBRACES

    • Faster Results: As the name suggests, FASTBRACES provide quicker results compared to traditional orthodontic methods. Most patients can achieve a straighter smile in as little as three to 12 months.
    • Reduced Discomfort: The innovative technology used for these ceramic braces often leads to less discomfort and pain during the treatment process and any adjustments, as the forces applied to the teeth are gentler and more gradual.
    • Fewer Office Visits: With these ceramic accelerated braces, you typically require fewer visits to the orthodontist, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules.
    • Enhanced Aesthetics: FASTBRACES are available as ceramic braces, providing a more discreet orthodontic solution.
    • Cost-Effective: The reduced treatment time and fewer office visits can result in cost savings compared to traditional braces or aligners.
    • Suitable for All Ages: FASTBRACES can be used by patients of all ages, from children to adults, making them a versatile orthodontic option.
    • Improved Oral Health: A straighter smile is easier to clean and maintain, which can lead to better oral hygiene, reduced risk of gum disease, and improved overall dental health.
    • Less Tooth Extractions: FASTBRACES may reduce the need for tooth extractions, as they work to align the roots and crowns of teeth simultaneously.
    • Minimized Root Resorption: These accelerated braces have been shown to have lower instances of root resorption, a common issue with traditional orthodontic methods.
    • Long-Term Results: Once your treatment is complete, FASTBRACES can help you maintain your straighter smile for years to come.
    • No Need for Tooth Extraction: You do not need to have teeth extracted – almost all cases of FASTBRACES finish without extraction.

    Who Qualifies for FASTBRACES?

    FASTBRACES are an ideal orthodontic technology solution for a broad range of individuals looking to achieve straighter teeth efficiently. Qualifications for FASTBRACES include, but are not limited to:

    • Desire for Faster Results: FASTBRACES are an excellent choice for those who seek a quicker path to a perfectly aligned smile. If you want to avoid the longer timeline associated with traditional orthodontic techniques, these accelerated braces may be the solution for you.
    • Avoidance of Traditional Orthodontics: Some individuals may prefer to bypass traditional braces or aligners due to the extended treatment period and discomfort. These ceramic, accelerated offer a more expedient alternative.
    • Reluctance to Wear Clear Aligners: Clear aligners are effective but require consistent, long-hour wear. If you are hesitant to commit to this level of dedication, FASTBRACES offer a convenient option with shorter treatment times.
    • Cost-Conscious Approach: FASTBRACES can be a cost-effective orthodontic treatment, making them accessible to a wide range of individuals seeking affordability and value in their orthodontic care.
    • Suitable for All Ages: Accelerated braces are designed to benefit patients of various age groups, from children to adults. Whether you’re a teenager or in your later years, FASTBRACES can provide you with a fast and efficient path to straighter teeth.

    The FASTBRACES Process

    Initial Consultation

    The FASTBRACES journey begins with an initial consultation at our Rosenberg, TX dental office. During this visit, our experienced orthodontic team of dentists will evaluate your specific orthodontic needs and discuss your treatment goals. This consultation is an essential step to ensure that FASTBRACES are the right choice for you.

    Treatment Plan and Design

    After a thorough assessment, our orthodontist will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. This plan includes the design of your FASTBRACES treatment, outlining the specific adjustments required to achieve your desired results.

    Bracket Placement

    With the treatment plan in place, the next step is the placement of the brackets on your teeth. These brackets have a unique triangular shape and attach to a square-like wire, which is a departure from the traditional square brackets and single-wire design of conventional braces.

    Ongoing Adjustments

    Throughout your FASTBRACES treatment, you’ll visit our office for periodic adjustments. These appointments ensure your accelerated braces continue to exert gentle and consistent pressure on your teeth, encouraging efficient movement.

    Shorter Treatment Duration

    Unlike traditional braces, where the crown and root movements are separated by months or years, FASTBRACES combine both movements simultaneously. This unique approach significantly shortens the treatment duration. Most patients can achieve a straighter smile in as little as three to 12 months.

    Enjoying Your Straighter Smile

    Once your treatment is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a beautifully aligned smile. With your accelerated braces, the wait for results is notably shorter, and you can relish the newfound confidence and improved aesthetics sooner.

    Follow-Up Care

    After the active treatment phase is completed, you may still need to wear a retainer as recommended by Dr. Collins. Retainers help maintain your newly aligned teeth and prevent them from shifting back.

    How to Care for Your FASTBRACES

    Caring for FASTBRACES is essential to ensure a successful and comfortable orthodontic experience. Here are some guidelines on how to care for your FASTBRACES:

    • Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene: Keeping your teeth and braces clean is crucial. Brush your teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day, using a soft-bristle toothbrush. Pay special attention to brushing around and between the braces. Consider using an interdental brush or a water flosser to clean hard-to-reach areas.
    • Use Fluoride Toothpaste: Fluoride toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay, which can be a concern during orthodontic treatment. Be sure to use a fluoride toothpaste and follow your dentist’s recommendations.
    • Floss Daily: Flossing is just as important as brushing. Floss between your teeth and underneath the wires to remove food particles and plaque. Use floss threaders or special orthodontic floss to make the process easier.
    • Avoid Hard, Sticky, and Sugary Foods: Certain foods can damage your braces or get stuck in them. Avoid hard foods like nuts and popcorn, sticky candies, and excessive sugary treats. Cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces to make them easier to eat.
    • Regular Dental Checkups: Attend scheduled dental appointments for routine checkups and adjustments. Your orthodontist will ensure your FASTBRACES are working effectively and make any necessary modifications.
    • Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water can help prevent dry mouth and reduce the risk of dental problems. Dry mouth can be a side effect of orthodontic treatment, so staying hydrated is important for your oral health.
    • Orthodontic Wax: Keep orthodontic wax on hand. If your braces cause irritation or sores in your mouth, you can use the wax to provide a protective barrier over the sharp or uncomfortable areas.
    • Emergency Care: In case of a broken bracket or wire, contact Rosenberg Dental & Implant Center for guidance on what to do next. They may schedule an appointment for repairs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are FASTBRACES suitable for adults?

    FASTBRACES are suitable for both adolescents and adults. They offer a practical solution for individuals of various age groups who desire a faster and more efficient orthodontic treatment to achieve a straighter smile.

    Are FASTBRACES covered by insurance?

    Coverage for FASTBRACES by dental insurance can vary depending on your specific insurance plan. Some dental insurance plans may provide partial coverage for orthodontic treatments, while others may not cover them at all. 

    It’s important to contact your insurance provider and inquire about the specifics of your plan to determine the extent of coverage for orthodontic procedures like FASTBRACES. Additionally, many dental offices offer financing options to help make FASTBRACES more affordable for patients, so it’s a good idea to discuss payment and financing options with your orthodontist as well.

    Do FASTBRACES require special maintenance?

    FASTBRACES do not require extensive special maintenance. Regular oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing, remain essential. Your orthodontist will guide cleaning around the braces, and you may need to avoid certain foods to prevent damage to the braces during your treatment.

    Can I get FASTBRACES if I've had orthodontic treatment before?

    FASTBRACES can be an option for individuals who have had previous orthodontic treatment but require additional alignment. Your orthodontist will assess your specific case to determine if FASTBRACES are a suitable solution for your orthodontic needs.

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