Can You Cure TMJ Permanently?

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    In theory, jaw pain doesn’t sound half as bad as it really is. You might think a quick ice pack over the area will alleviate the pain. But in most cases, ice compression and over-the-counter pain relievers don’t work. That’s when you know you’re dealing with a serious case of TMJ – a condition that affects your jaw joint. The first thing you might wonder is if it can be treated and, if so, how. In this blog, you will find all the answers that you seek, especially the different ways to cure TMJ permanently.

    What is TMJ?

    TMJ disorder is a condition that impacts your temporomandibular joint. It’s the joint that connects your lower jaw to the skull, keeping it in place. However, when it gets inflamed or damaged, you might notice a difference in your bite, alongside pain and discomfort.

    Grinding teeth and clenching your jaw are also some common ways to trigger TMJ pain. This can be followed by ringing in the ears and, in severe cases, blurry vision. It is also important to keep in mind that chronic TMJ pain is extremely difficult to live with, as it affects all your major senses. Seeking professional treatment is the only way to get out of the mess.

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    Can You Treat TMJ?

    Despite being painful and uncomfortable, TMJ syndrome can be treated. Depending on the severity of your condition, your dentist will suggest a treatment that fits you best. In minor to moderate cases, medications, and prevention are all it takes to slowly reposition your bite. However, if the joint is worn down, the TMJ could be repaired via surgery, ensuring movement is still possible without disrupting your oral health.

    How To Cure TMJ Permanently?

    There are various methods to treat TMJ. However, some of the most common and widely used methods are as follows:

    1. Jaw Surgery
      Reserved for extreme cases, jaw surgery is an option that alters and reshapes the jaw so that the damaged part can be taken out. This helps to restore the comfort of your mouth while effectively alleviating the pain.
    2. Occlusal Splints
      Splints are appliances that are designed to guard and cushion your mouth, preventing the teeth from gnashing against each other. Since splints are made of hard rubber, they are inserted in your mouth to lift away the pressure from the temporomandibular joint.
    3. Physical Therapy
      In some cases, oral surgeons find it much more convenient to heal the joint through physical exercises. This includes regular jaw exercises like forward jaw, chin tucks, tongue up, etc.
    4. Jaw Botox
      While botox helps to erase fine lines and wrinkles, it also works as a neurotransmitter blocker. That is to say, it halts your nerves from accessing signals of pain. This, in turn, allows your jaw muscles to relax, soothing the tension for months on end.
    5. Avoid Bad Habits
      Lastly, by avoiding bad habits like smoking, chewing too hard, opening your mouth too wide, using your teeth as tools, etc., you can make a huge difference in your jaw joint. Even when you yawn, make it a habit to press your lower jaw close with the back of your hand so that the mouth doesn’t stretch open.

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    Final Takeaway

    All in all, there are quite a few ways you can cure TMJ permanently, no matter how serious the case may be. Nonetheless, for more information on the matter, feel free to contact Rosenberg Dental & Implant Center at (281) 369-9242 or drop by our clinic at 2818 Avenue I, Rosenberg, TX 77471, United States.

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