Help! My Blood Clot Fell Out After Tooth Extraction. What Do I Do?

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    Tooth extractions are known to bring about a myriad of emotions — be it relief from the excruciating pain or the nervousness of maintaining the list of instructions given by your dentist. But while the idea of an extraction is to eliminate the hardest part, it doesn’t get rid of all the hurdles. After the procedure, you have to be extremely careful and diligent. The slightest misstep can cause your tooth extraction blood clot to fall out, leading to even more pain than before. It can put the brakes on your recovery time, preventing you from healing faster. But why does this happen, what causes it, and how can you fix it? To get the answers to these questions and more, you’ll have to read this blog till the end, so let’s get started.

    What Does A Blood Clot Look Like After Tooth Extraction?

    After a tooth is pulled out from its place, it leaves behind a wide, gaping hole in the gums. Thus, to prevent bacteria or other external stimuli from invading the area, your body works on repairing the damage itself. It sends out an alert to all the platelets, blood cells, and plasma, calling them forth to stop the bleeding.

    Once the bleeding is halted, a thin layer of protein, known as fibrin, forms over the empty socket. This marks the start of the healing period as the fibrin is later blanketed over by the granulation tissue, tightly sealing the socket. This is what eventually turns into a blood clot.

    It is also important to note that blood clots do not look like anything other than a scab over a wound. Essentially, a blood clot is nothing more than a wet scab, which is exactly what the clot looks like after tooth extraction.

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    Is The Blood Clot From Tooth Extraction Supposed To Fall Out?

    The moment a blood clot starts forming, it means your body is working on healing itself, keeping your gums and the empty tooth socket safe. That is why if you notice that your tooth extraction blood clot fell out, it could be serious, especially if it has only been a few days since the procedure. It typically takes around 7 to 10 days for the socket to close in itself and heal completely. If the blood clot falls out before that, make sure to contact your dentist immediately.

    What Happens if The Blood Clot Falls Out After Tooth Extraction

    If your blood clot gets dislodged and falls out, it could give way to a dry socket. This could be triggered by sudden trauma, poor oral hygiene, or using a straw. Ultimately, without the blood clot covering the socket, your gums could fall at risk of bacterial infection or worse.

    Not to mention, dry sockets are incredibly painful. The ache can radiate from your gums to the nerve endings inside your jaw to the side of your face. It can even cause your face to swell up with bits and pieces of food getting caught inside the hole.


    The best way to treat a dry socket is by letting your dentist know. It doesn’t matter if the blood clot fell out or never formed in the first place; an experienced dental professional will know exactly what to do. Nevertheless, in the meantime, here are a few steps you can take to minimize the damage:

    • Rinse your mouth and clean it with a saltwater solution.
    • Take over-the-counter pain relief medication to soothe the pain.
    • Use an ice pack over the affected area to reduce swelling.
    • Place a clean layer of gauze on the socket to prevent anything from slipping inside of it.

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    Final Takeaway

    If your tooth extraction clot fell out, do not panic. Simply contact Rosenberg Dental & Implant Center at (281) 369-9242 for details on how to handle the matter. You can also come and visit us in person at 2818 Avenue I, Rosenberg, TX 77471, United States

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