The Filling Fiasco: Is Jaw Pain After Filling Normal?

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    Getting a fresh new dental filling is like starting a new chapter of your life. You don’t have to worry about the constant toothache or filter through your favorite foods. But what if rather than your teeth being the ones hurting, you end up with intense jaw pain after filling?

    This might sound like a nightmarish situation — and it is, but surprisingly it’s also a pretty common reaction people have to an improper dental filling. Sometimes the pain arises due to muscle weakness, and other times it happens because the filling is too high. Regardless of the reason, consulting your dentist about the pain can help you understand the cause and get the right treatment.

    Possible Reasons You Might Have Jaw Pain After Filling

    Even though jaw pain is common, it isn’t particularly normal. There are many reasons that lead to throbbing jaw pain after filling. Be it because your gums are too sensitive or the dental filling wasn’t the right fit, with the proper examination, your dentist will be able to right the wrong and eliminate the pain. However, to do that, identifying the root cause of the ache is important. Here are some of the common reasons why people experience pain in their jaw post-filling:

    1. Filling is Too High
      Often, if the filling is placed too high, right by the tooth’s roots and nerves, it can lead to sudden bouts of sensitivity and pain. This can extend towards the jaw, making it difficult to open and close your mouth.
    2. Myofascial Pain
      Dental work doesn’t just affect the nerves inside your mouth, but it can also sometimes trigger the tissues outside. Due to this, you might feel pain in your ear, eye, or jaw area. This is known as myofascial pain.
    3. Loose or Uneven Filling
      Depending on the filling material, it can take time for it to set and cure. At times, a poor calculation can lead to loose or uneven filling. It can even result in the filling popping out with jagged edges. Nonetheless, a little contouring and scaling can smoothen the surface, easing the pain.
    4. Lockjaw
      Patients with pre-existing jaw conditions often have to deal with severe jaw pain after dental work. Lockjaw is a condition where your jaw can lock into place – be it closed or open, and cause muscle spasms, pain, as well as difficulty opening the mouth.
    5. Muscle Fatigue
      Similar to Lockjaw, but a bit on the tamer side, muscle fatigue occurs when your jaw muscles get tired from being propped open. This typically happens if the procedure is too long, without breaks. However, the pain tends to fade away after a few days.

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    How To Relieve Jaw Pain After Filling

    If you’re tired of clutching your jaw from the sudden bouts of pain, don’t worry. Try following the tips mentioned below to soothe and relieve the ache.

    • Ask your dentist for breaks if the dental procedure takes too long.
    • Invest in a mouthguard if you have a dysfunctional jaw.
    • Try soothing jaw exercises to relax the muscles.
    • Seek proper treatment for TMJ disorders.
    • Consult a dentist if any problem arises.

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    In A Nutshell

    Jaw pain after filling isn’t uncommon, but it requires immediate action. Ignoring a dental filling that brings you constant pain can be dangerous and further cause oral problems. For more information on how to renew your filling, contact Rosenberg Dental & Implant Center at (281) 369-9242 or drop by our clinic at 2818 Avenue I, Rosenberg, TX 77471, United States.

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