What To Do If Your Chipped Molar Doesn’t Hurt

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    A chipped tooth is a pretty common occurrence, but what about a chipped molar? Usually, you don’t really pay attention to your molars until a wisdom tooth is about to grow out. So, when a molar gets chipped or broken in any way, your brain might start spiraling in confusion, wondering what to do next. To learn how to deal with a chipped molar that has no pain, keep reading this blog.

    Is It Possible to Chip a Tooth Without Pain?

    As surprising as it is, you can chip your tooth but feel no pain afterward. While the common idea is that chipping or breaking a tooth causes immense pain, that isn’t always the case. This is because your tooth is made up of numerous layers, but the inner pulp, dentin, and enamel are the three main layers that matter.

    When a tooth breaks, the enamel usually tears off, leaving the dentin and pulp underneath fully exposed. In some cases, the dentin might also crack, exposing the innermost pulp. This is extremely dangerous as it attracts bacteria and makes the tooth incredibly vulnerable.

    However, depending on the severity of the crack, it is possible for only a small piece of your enamel to chip off. When this happens, there is typically no pain or irritation. In fact, sometimes, people might not even realize their teeth have chipped off unless they visit the dentist for a checkup. That is why if you feel even the slightest change in your pearly whites, get it evaluated immediately by a dental professional. This keeps the bacteria at bay and prevents oral infections.

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    What If My Molar Tooth Chipped But There’s No Pain?

    If you somehow chipped off your molar, identifying it can be a little tricky. However, as long as you take precautions, the pain and discomfort can be avoided. A chipped molar usually occurs because of cavities, poor oral hygiene, bruxism, or accidentally biting down on something hard. The best thing you can do in such an instance is to rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution. The antibacterial properties of saltwater instantly kill off any germs or bacteria that may have been lingering on the molar.

    However, if your chipped tooth is accompanied by bleeding or pain, make sure to press dental gauze on it to soak up the blood. Next, call your dentist and schedule an appointment instantly. A chipped molar is considered a dental emergency, so the best course of action is to let a dentist examine the damage.

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    Closing Words

    To sum it up, a chipped molar is not uncommon. However, if you feel no pain at all, it might be because only the surface level of the tooth broke off, leaving the actual tooth underneath semi-protected. To ensure your oral health is not in danger, contact Rosenberg Dental & Implant Center at (281) 369-9242 and schedule an appointment with our skilled dentists today!

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