Help! My Filling Fell Out Suddenly, But It Doesn’t Hurt | What Do I Do?

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    Dental fillings are supposed to be relieving. They help to seal your tooth from future decay. But what if, one day, the filling plops down in your mouth, coming loose from its position? Your initial reaction might be to panic. Plus, depending on how long it has been, you might or might not feel pain. However, the best course of action to take after this is to visit your dentist for a replacement filling. So, even if your filling fell out, but it doesn’t hurt, don’t go brushing it off! Leaving the cavity exposed for long can cause bacteria to fester inside of it, reinfecting it.

    Why Did My Filling Fall Out?

    Dental fillings are known to be strong and resilient. Once the filling is in place, it is further bonded and cured with a special UV light to make sure it stays cemented. Due to this, it is highly unlikely for the filling to fall out of its place. The only reason that might happen is if it was years old since common wear and tear is to be expected. It could also slip out if you bite into something too hard or damage it in some way. Take a look below to see what other factors can cause your filling to fall out.

    • Being very aggressive when brushing your teeth.
    • Clenching your jaw too hard.
    • Plaque buildup.
    • Facial trauma or injury.
    • Chewing too hard or biting down on something forcefully.
    • Flossing between the tooth and filling.
    • The filling is old.
    • Unconsciously grinding your teeth

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    How Long Can You Leave A Filling That Has Fallen Out?

    Technically, a missing filling isn’t something worrisome. However, dentists recommend getting a replacement as soon as you can. Even if the filling fell out and it doesn’t hurt, the best course of action is to get it replaced. This is because the longer you leave the tooth exposed, the more vulnerable it becomes to bacteria. Thus, it is best to schedule an appointment with your dentist the moment you feel the filling come loose. Do not wait for more than a week.

    Should I Be Worried If My Filling Fell Out But It Doesn’t Hurt?

    Depending on what caused your filling to come apart, it could or could not be something to worry about. For instance, if you got your filling a long time ago, then it is normal for it to weaken and break off. However, if your dental filling is pretty recent and it fell out because of an injury, then the stakes might be higher. Even if it doesn’t hurt and you barely feel like something is different, consult a dental professional immediately.

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    Here’s What To Do if You Filling Fell Out

    If you woke up one day to find your filling fell out, but it doesn’t hurt in the slightest, that is a good thing. It is a sign that you can wait a few days before visiting your dentist. In the meantime, however, try following the preventative tips given below while you wait.

    • Take over-the-counter pain relief medication.
    • Rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution.
    • Avoid eating with the side of your mouth that is affected.
    • Apply dental wax on the area to hold it off until you get the filling replaced.
    • When brushing your teeth, be extremely gentle.

    In Summary

    To see that your filling fell out, but it doesn’t hurt can be a bit confusing. However, as long as you let your dentist know and schedule an appointment for a replacement, you have nothing to worry about. For more queries and concerns, contact Rosenberg Dental & Implant Center at (281) 369-9242 or drop by our clinic at 2818 Avenue I, Rosenberg, TX 77471, United States.

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