How Long Does Numbness Last After Filling?

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    Dental fillings are one of the quickest treatments for a cavity. However, if you’ve ever had to sit through the procedure, you’re probably familiar with the odd, tingly sensation you get after. With all the drilling, poking, and sealing going on, it’s not uncommon for you to experience numbness post-filling.

    At first, it might be quite uncomfortable to deal with, especially since it makes half of your mouth feel like it’s not even there. But no matter how disorienting it may seem, it is a temporary side effect of the anesthetic. To learn more about the filling procedure and how long the numbness lasts, make sure to keep reading this blog.

    Is It Normal for Your Mouth to Be Numb After Getting a Filling?

    Surprisingly enough, yes. Most people experience numbness in their mouths after getting a filling. However, this doesn’t last for long because the anesthesia fades away on its own, allowing you to regain control of your mouth.

    While it might not seem as such, a dental filling procedure is intrusive because the dentist has to drill inside the tooth and scoop out the decayed part. That is why local anesthesia is often injected into the gums, numbing the affected area. It combats the pain and ensures you do not feel any discomfort throughout the treatment. Although, once the tooth is cavity-free and topped off with the filling, the anesthetic effects are likely to linger for a while longer.

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    How Long Does Numbness Last After Filling?

    If your jaw, lips, and mouth are all numb after a dental filling, it’s probably because the anesthesia hasn’t worn off yet. This is nothing to worry about, as the effects tend to automatically fade away in some time.

    Usually, it takes somewhere between an hour and four hours for the anesthesia to clear out from your bloodstream. During this time, it is advised not to eat anything or brush your teeth. Otherwise, it could disarm the filling. However, there are certain steps you can take to minimize the jarring sensation and get the blood flowing to the area again. If the numbness does not go away in due time, reach out to you

    Tips to Get Rid of Numbness in Mouth After a Dental Procedure

    Despite being uncomfortable and making your mouth feel like it’s paralyzed, the numbness isn’t concerning, not unless it lasts for longer than 24 hours. Nevertheless, you can try following the tips mentioned below to get rid of the numbness and bring back movement to your mouth.

    • Exercise your jaw by moving it and wiggling it around.
    • Try to take a nap to distract yourself from the sensation.
    • Gently massage the side of your face, cheeks, jaw, and lips to boost blood circulation.
    • Wiggle your tongue and stretch it from side to side.
    • Give it some time and wait it out.

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    In A Nutshell

    All in all, the numbness you feel after a filling tends to last for as long as 3 to 4 hours at most. However, by taking precautions and exercising your mouth, you can improve blood circulation and cause the numbness to fade away.

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